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About the Designer

Hi and welcome to Mulier™ ! My name is Sandra X. Martin and I’m the owner and designer of the Cozy Joey by Mulier™.

I am a mom of two, a parenting coach by day and the Cozy Joey designer by night.  I have no previous training in fashion or design, but I followed my instincts that there were many moms like me challenged by poor outerwear and unsuitable coverage for both baby-wearing mamas and their babes. My perspective and mindset as a coach influences the lens by which I look at things and so I decided to “lean in” to this opportunity and be a part of creating a solution (www.SelfBalancedSolutions.com)

I was inspired to create the 3-in-1 Cozy Joey coat from my own lessons of baby-wearing and inadequate outerwear with my two winter babies. I kind of started obsessing over the idea because I was living it – trying to make due with make-shift outerwear and layers from my husband’s larger coats and cardigan sweaters – which of course made me feel huge and unflattering. I experienced firsthand the many months of cold & unpredictable weather with inadequate outerwear for both me and my babies. So, I pulled the trigger from idea to execution to meet the needs of new moms and 2nd time moms juggling the beautiful, intimate, and sometimes not-so-easy experience of baby-wearing.

I’ve now designed for all moms a multi-purpose outer garment that is classic, feminine, fashionable and timeless for the style conscious mom who wants to babywear and preserve her sense of self. Truly, there is nothing more beautiful and nurturing than being able to wear your baby – regardless of weather and season. I am proud of what I have accomplished and standby my design as I share this with many great mamas.

My journey is in great thanks to the support of family and friends, with an extra special LOVE to the unwavering support and confidence of my husband. I am VERY proud to share that Mulier™ is a crowd-funding success story and I was able to start production right away and shipped out my first coats at the start of 2015! Check out the video!

Special Mention to my backers:

Deneen Reynolds-Knott
Michael Verdirame
Tommie Belmont
Valarie Lishnak
Maya Clayton
Andres Martin
Corinne Schneider Morahan
Elaine MacDonald
Rick Luft
Rashida Bradley
Shawn Jenkins
Paul Johnston
Nadette Aslanian
Dorinda Loise Foster

Cathy Martin
Paula Parisi
Anthony Licari
Steven Dubensky
Michelle Peterson
Mor Chu
Jamie Pittman
Anita Strauss
Matt Stoneking
Marcos Roel
Priscilla Araya
Pablo Mosquera
Christine LaMarca
Amy Wiegand
Joe Pradas
Jia Chen
Eloisa Almaraz
Ronit Hakimi
Eric Alarcon
Michelle Knight Osorio
Yinnette Sano
Jennifer Scott
Silmara Roman
Jamie Cicerelle
Jovina Fonbuena-Paredes
Francisco Javier
Radu Negulescu
Mary Pinard
Safia Sattaur
Rockwell Reid
Joanne Zaman
Vilmarys Ines Pichardo
Megan McMahon
Jenny Estevez
Luilly Andrade
Justina Chung
Lee Cabrera
Michelle Lettieri
May T
Alvaro De La Rocha
Jerusha Benjamin
Valerie Burominsky
Katherine Delfina Pérez
Jill Aguado
Jennifer Holth
Eric Wenke
Jessie Diaz
Eleanor Anderson
Camille Paredes
Gloria Marino
Carlo Lindo
Rosalie Aponte
Shadoe Tarver
Karli Breitenbach
Karla Spurlock-Evans
Susana MacLean
Christina Cordero
Sergio Amestegui
Ines De La Rocha Jennifer Melissa Aguilarare